Helnan landmark hotel, is located in the heart of New Cairo amongst the growing financial district and elite residential district. The Hotel caters mainly to different conventions and banquet for several occasions. The Hotel is also very well prepared to host elegant weddings. The hotels modern architecture and elegant design allows Helnan landmark to blend and integrate with its neighboring community with a wide variety of entertainment facilities.

Located within a few minutes of two major shopping malls – Cairo festival city and downtown; and within 15 minutes to Cairo Airport and about 30 minute drive to some of the largest Cairo touristic destinations. It’s neighboring community with wide variety of entertainment.

Helnan Landmark currently comprises of 40 rooms, suites with an aim for extension of 70 rooms (with a total of 110 rooms). Each room is inspired by modern interiors. 

We understand that every meeting, event and wedding is going to be different, and that’s why we provide a wide selection of spaces so that you can choose the one that suits your occasion best. When you organize an event at the Helnan Landmark Hotel , you don’t just get a space – you also get the benefit of years of experience in helping to stage unforgettable occasions.

All of our venues are exquisite, and we’re certain that we can find a layout and room that matches what you have in mind. Along with the perfect space, we're proud to offer you exceptional service to really make sure your event goes smoothly.

Meeting Rooms: 10
Meeting Space m2: 1700 
Exhibition Space m2:

DININGHelnan Landmark’s main restaurant offers a dining experience with its three main international cuisines – oriental, Italian and international. Open 24/7 the main restaurant caters to those three cuisines as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.
El Veranda café & restaurant is located around the swimming pool, it offers a wide range of Lebanese mezza, snacks and meals with a variety of cocktails and drinks.

There  is  no  need  to  fly  half-way  around  the  world  to  get  the  tastes  and atmosphere  of  Morocco. In  the  traditional  code  of  Moroccan  hospitality,  all  guests at  the  Marrakesh Restaurant  are  treated  with graciousness  and  attentiveness.  At this  cozy atmosphere with richly Moroccan spices, with our Moroccan chef’s Mariam ,  you  will  feel  like  an  honored  guest  in  the  sultan’s  tent.

Helnan Landmark Hotel has a good sized swimming pool (140 cm depth) with a nice rocky waterfall on one side that provides a nice background around the pool. The hotel also offers a squash court, a fully equipped gym and wellness spa.