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Hayden Ballroom

"Hayden": One of the most beautiful ball rooms you are looking for in our hotel premise is the Haydn. The moment you make an entry in this ball room it will give you a soothing feeling to the eyes because of its interior beauty. It is the solo ballroom of ours located on the 3rd floor. This ball room is covering an area of 148 m² and having a low ceiling with a height of 2.80m. The Haydn ball room is beautifully designed by interior experts using a perfect combination of marble and wood. It is decorated with optical head lamps which are beautifully distributed along the walls and pillars of the ballroom as well as the hallway. Apart from this the wall decoration is done with some beautiful paintings which speaks and portray about some of the most exquisite pieces of eastern art.
We make this Ball room available for organizing and hosting multiple events and occasions to our clients. We are happy to share that this ball room is specially designed for clients looking for an excellent space to host a small crowd event. So if you want to host an event for some selected special guests here in our Hotel then we are surely going to recommend the name of Haydn ball room. We are having different seating style options available with us and depending on the type of event you are going to host you can select one of your choices. Take a look at the available seating styles and number of guests who can be accommodate well.

Seating capacity of Hayden:
Theater Style – 120 
Classroom Style – 70 
Cocktail Reception – 100 
Banquet Style – 90 
U-shape Style – 35

In case you are looking forward for some additional arrangements then feel free to let us know. We along with our complete team of Helnan Landmark Hotel we ensure that the arrangements are done as per your request. Our sole mission is offering the best services to the guests or clients who bank on us for quality services and arrangements. We will recommend you to get the booking of the Haydn Ball room done in advance to avoid any inconvenience in hosting the event.
Our Ball rooms are high in demand and so it remains occupied for many events of our clients. We promise to serve you better and offer you a wonderful experience with us.
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Ballrooms Details

Ballroom Theater Style Classroom Cocktail Banquet Weddings U-Shape Area(m2) Height(m) Floor
Verdi I-II 800 600 700 500 330 180 575.70 5.20 5th
Verdi I 250 250 250 150 100 60 248.46 5.20 5th
Verdi II 550 350 450 250 150 80 327.24 5.20 5th
Beethoven 150 70 100 90 50 50 120.00 2.80 4th
Chopin 120 60 100 100 80 55 185.00 2.40 4th
Hayden 120 70 100 100 80 35 148.00 2.80 3rd
Mozart 120 70 100 90 80 40 148.00 2.80 2nd
Charlotte 150 100 90 90 90 50 198.00 6.00 2nd
EL Khedewy 120 60 100 120 100 55 198.00 6.00 1st

Verdi Ballroom

Beethoven Ballroom

Chopin Ballroom

Hayden Ballroom

Mozart Ballroom

Charlotte Ballroom

EL Khedewy