Mozart Ballroom

"Mozart": The beautiful ball room is located right on the 2nd floor which is covering an area of 148 m² and having a low ceiling with a height of 2.80m. For this specific ball room we will say that in spite of medium size it is different from all other rooms available with us for hosting events and meetings.

The uniqueness of this ballroom is that it acts as the epitome of old classic European elegance and looks stunningly beautiful in the eyes of the visitors. People will love spending some time here in this ball room just because of its amazing beauty.

The room interior is decorated with beautiful marble floors which are intricately designed. Use of gold classic mirrors as well as creative European paintings hanged all around give this ball room a charismatic look. Its rich elegance and sophistication attracts our clients to book this room mainly for their cocktail receptions and other festive celebrations. We are very sensitive towards the choice and preference of the customers and ensure that we keep this ball room perfectly decorated all the time to match up the expectations of the clients all the year round. We are happy to say that room is one of the preferred event rooms for the guests in our hotel.

We have various seating arrangements available with to accommodate the crowd. If you are planning to organize your special event or function in this room with a small gathering of 80 to 100 people then by far Mozart Ball Room will be the best choice for you. Check the below seating styles available with us with the number of people we can accommodate in each pattern.

Seating capacity of Mozart:
Theater Style – 120 
Cocktail Reception – 100 
Banquet Style – 90 
U-shape Style – 40

We will recommend you to go for advance booking as this room remains always in demand throughout the year. To avoid any inconvenience please connect with our booking and hospitality team for making your event a succesfull one in this unique ball room. We will be more than happy to accept your customized demands and will dedicate us completely to fulfill the expectations you had from us. Feel free to share what extra services you want us to offer to make the celebration a happening one for you and your guests. We believe in making happy customers for life.

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Ballrooms Details

Ballroom Theater Style Classroom Cocktail Banquet Weddings U-Shape Area(m2) Height(m) Floor
Verdi I-II 800 600 700 500 330 180 575.70 5.20 5th
Verdi I 250 250 250 150 100 60 248.46 5.20 5th
Verdi II 550 350 450 250 150 80 327.24 5.20 5th
Beethoven 150 70 100 90 50 50 120.00 2.80 4th
Chopin 120 60 100 100 80 55 185.00 2.40 4th
Hayden 120 70 100 100 80 35 148.00 2.80 3rd
Mozart 120 70 100 90 80 40 148.00 2.80 2nd
Charlotte 150 100 90 90 90 50 198.00 6.00 2nd
EL Khedewy 120 60 100 120 100 55 198.00 6.00 1st

Verdi Ballroom

Beethoven Ballroom

Chopin Ballroom

Hayden Ballroom

Mozart Ballroom

Charlotte Ballroom

EL Khedewy