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Tucked away in the peaceful everglades and lakes of Fayoum – the oldest city in Egypt, about ninety minutes from the bustling Cairo, lies the Helnan Auberge Hotel. Strategically located in the heart of Fayoum, Helnan Auberge is rich in both history and outstanding natural beauty.

Built by King Farouk in 1937 on the shores of Lake Qarun, Helnan Auberge was originally a hunting and fishing lodge intended as a natural retreat for the King and his guests. It was often used as a base for hunting and fishing expeditions as well as a destination for extravagant parties. The old port built at the lodge still stands to this day.

The Helnan Auberge Hotel has hosted the likes of Winston Churchill, Adel Emam, King Abdel Aziz Ibn Saud and Hind Rostom. The serenity of Lake Qarun, the history of the Auberge, our first-class service and hospitality is irresistible to most.