While the Group’s roots are in Denmark, its portfolio now extends throughout Europe and the Middle East. It is rich in its tradition, and its experience comprises a collection of splendid hotels and resorts from the truly historic to the modern.

Helnan International Hotels has become one of the most respectable names in the lodging industry. Having different nationalities in the management team has enabled the group to gain a deep understanding of various cultures as well as international customs and traditions.

Over the years, Helnan International Hotels has owned and managed travel agencies and tour operators (Scandinavian Tours). These fields enhanced the company’s experience and network of relationships in the tourism, airlines, and charter…etc. fields in different continents. After a while, it was decided to close the business in this sector, but to continue on using the wide experience and knowledge gained for supporting our hotel projects which is the core of our business. Helnan now operates and owns several properties in Denmark, Germany, Morocco and Egypt.

Currently, the company has plans for new projects in other prime locations to utilize the experience of our management team. The group is proud to employ thousands of staff and business professional hoteliers from different nationalities who go through special training programs to develop their skills and knowledge to achieve the highest standards of hospitality. Moreover, all our management and hotel employees are totally committed to serving our guests’ needs and to provide the required maintenance needed by our properties through applying and following the systems set up by the company’s Vision and Mission. These systems are based on a clear and concise structure and easy-to-follow up processes.